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This month we're talking about "what motherhood has made you grateful for" in our #togetherwemother series. Don't forget to visit the rest of the bloggers in this series at the end of this post to read their unique experiences, and thanks for taking the time to read mine.

Normally I would go on one long rant about what I’m grateful for, especially since Thanksgiving is tomorrow and that in itself has me feeling all sorts of sappy and thankful, but in order to keep myself organized and sane, I’m going to stick to a light hearted list style here. Here are the five things motherhood has made me grateful for.

1. Showers. I wish someone would have told me when I was pregnant to take long, luxurious showers - honestly. Shampoo your hair twice, sing, daydream - whatever it is you do in there. Why doesn’t anyone tell you that a shower without interruption will soon be a vacation? I will never take another shower in peace for granted again, and I will always use being a mother as an excuse to shave my legs as infrequently as I’d like, because if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em, right?!

2. Sleep. Ever since daylight savings the majority of the country set their clocks back, but Owen didn’t seem to get the memo. He is now waking up an hour earlier and it’s dark and I feel like a teenager before school in the morning. So needless to say,  I wish that I would have listened to everyone who told me to rest when I was pregnant. And more than anything else, I want to grab all my pals without kids and shake them like this when they say they’re tired. “Cherish it!”

3. Health. I was so lucky to have had a healthy pregnancy and to have given birth to a healthy baby, and I try to remind myself of this each and every time Owen catches any bit of sickness. He tends to run high fevers that send me into overdrive with worry anytime he is slightly under the weather, but they also make me realize that I am so lucky that it’s this and not something else. I am so unbelievably thankful.

4. Mothers. Before I had kids I seriously didn’t get it. I know I was that bitchy twenty something that was judgmental about mothers and their struggles - their sweatpants and their kids clutching iPads and smartphones in restaurants. While I try to combat those same challenges daily, I really understand just how tough it is to get yourself and your kiddo out the door. Sometimes sweatpants are the only option and well, fresh air and conversation are far more memorable in my opinion than the perfect outfit. So mothers, I admire you all, because I know if you're anything like me you are simply doing your best and loving you kids the best way you know how. 

5. Family. There’s nothing quite like building your own family. The idea that Zack and I chose each other twice (yes twice, if you haven’t read the full story do so here) and then made Owen is still insane to me. There is so much to say here, but ultimately I love that we are establishing our own traditions with each holiday that passes and that we are forming memories that Owen will carry with him as he gets older. Being a family isn’t always easy, but this year I am especially thankful to call Zack and Owen my teammates. Love doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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