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Travel: Providence, RI.

TravelHailey AndresenComment

Zack and I took the bus from Manhattan to Providence a few Fridays back to spend the weekend with his brother Nick, his girlfriend, some of their extended family. It's wild how after moving to New York every place I go to now feels so small, but that's not to say Providence doesn't have it's charm. We explored the downtown area, went to a Pawsox game, got Del's lemonade, and Zack's family even threw us a surprise baby shower while we were in town!

Zack grew up in a small town just outside of Providence. I feel like it's incredibly fitting that we were both able to go back to the towns we grew up in while Baby-O is still in the womb. I truly believe that so much of what makes up our ideas about what childhood should be like are shaped from our own experiences and the towns we lived in as kids. Wether those experiences were positive or negative they seem to give all expecting parents a foundation to build on. We both grew up in small towns and while each of our childhoods were positive for us, I am so excited that we will be raising O in New York City. That being said, there are aspects of our childhoods' in Northern California and Rhode Island that we will always hold on tight to and try to replicate even in the city. Something we left Rhode Island with was how important our friends and family are to us no matter how far away we live. We have been so overwhelmed with their generosity, kindness, and love. It's a good feeling to be entering the final month of my pregnancy knowing that we will all be able to stay close with each of these people. Our family and friends will always be important in O's life.  

These folks in California, Arizona, and Rhode Island have truly outdone themselves. Our little family is beyond lucky, and Baby-O isn't even here yet! Thank you all so very much.