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Travel: Nevada City, Ca.

TravelHailey AndresenComment

After spending 5 days in San Francisco, my parents, brother and I packed up our luggage in a rental car and headed even further north to the town my brother and I grew up in: Nevada City. it had been 10 years since my brother had been back, and 5 years for me. Needless to say, we were excited to spend a couple days in the town that makes up such a large part of who we are. It's the type of town where not too many people move to and not too many people move away from. While I love this little place, I am grateful our parents moved us to Phoenix when they did. That being said it is absolutely one of the most beautiful places I know. Here we were able to go to a friends wedding, visit with friends and other relatives of ours, have the first of three (yes, three!) baby showers for o, and honestly just enjoy some peace and quiet. It was such a unique experience to come to my hometown while pregnant. I don't know if I can really explain the feelings I felt walking through the streets I did as a kid now with a little baby in my belly. My mom even bought O some t-shirts and onesies from the same shop she bought the majority of my clothing as a kid. I always feel grounded when leaving Nevada City, and this trip was no exception. So happy I got to breath in the fresh air, be surrounded by trees for a couple days and continue our family vacation.