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Travel: San Francisco, CA.

TravelHailey AndresenComment

This past month I did a ton of traveling starting with San Francisco. I was slightly nervous that it would be difficult to travel alone while pregnant, but it wasn't bad at all. Honestly, it was pretty incredible. As much as this was my last trip "alone" for the foreseeable future, in a strange way I felt like it was my first trip with Baby-O. The kicks and rolls were so intense while flying. I can't tell if he or she will love or hate to travel, but I'm crossing my fingers it's love and that the movements I was feeling represented excitement. I stayed with family in San Rafael where my parents and brother met me. It was truly our last family vacation before the baby comes this September. I am so grateful the original four were able to make this trip happen before I embark on my own little family. This was the first leg of my trip and was certainly the most leisurely. What isn't captured in these photos is the quality time spent with the rest of our extended family, plenty of bag-o outside my aunt and uncle's house, home cooked meals, cool weather, a trip to Stinson Beach, and my cousins trying to get me to dance at a club while seven months pregnant. Hah! All in all it was pretty perfect.