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Traveling with an Infant

Travel, Owen DrewHailey Andresen2 Comments

After a couple of you asked about traveling with Owen I figured I would share our experience here. We've traveled to phoenix twice since he was born - once just before he turned three months, and once right after he hit the four month mark. We are taking him to Mexico with my family next month and I can only assume that traveling is going to get more and more difficult as he gets more mobile so if any of you have advice feel free to leave it in the comments. So far this has been our checklist. 

1. Schedule a car service with a car seat & borrow one wherever you are traveling to. This obviously doesn't work for everyone and isn't available in smaller cities, but for traveling from New York to Phoenix it worked great.

2. If possible book an early morning flight. This works for our schedule, but may not work for yours. Each time we have traveled with Owen we have had to leave super early in the morning. I wake him up, feed him, and were on our way. He tends to continue to sleep through the drive to the airport, security and so on. Making our lives far less stressful.

3. Check your bag. I've traveled once with Owen on my own, and once with Zack and Owen. I can't imagine having a bag either time. Check your luggage and simply carry on your diaper bag. The less bulk you have to deal with the better and trust me, it's worth the $25.

4. As much as you're concerned with what you need for your little one, think of yourself too. Dress comfortably. If you're breast feeding wear something that makes this easy for you. I have worn my Solly Baby Wrap to the airport each time over a button down, typically with leggings (for comfort!) and shoes that are easy to take on and off through security. The wrap is especially helpful when moving from the cab through security, through the airport and to our seats on the plane. 

5. Dress your baby for success, a.k.a. footsie pjs. This was a suggestion from my friend Claudia and I couldn't recommend it more. Maybe it's because Owen is in that stage where he wants to rip his socks off, but not having to wonder if his feet were covered and warm was perfect. Plus, throw an extra set in your diaper bag in case there's a blowout or what not. 

6. Breastfeed on demand if you don't already, and during take off and landing. This kept O calm and happy on all four flights.

7. Bring two blankets. One to cover you and your baby, and one to drape over the carseat or arm rests on the plane. I'm not normally a germ freak, but this is the one instance I go a little crazy about. 

8. Get to the airport early enough to grab a coffee if that's your sort of thing, and bring yourself some healthy snacks - especially if you have a long distance to travel.

9. Change your little ones diaper as close as you can to your boarding time, and get your bag organized so that grabbing stuff while flying is as easy as possible.

10. Pack what you need, and only what you need in your diaper bag. Here's what's typically in ours while traveling.