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Williamsburg is not the prettiest part of Brooklyn in my opinion. Although, Amy did make it look quite nice in her photos here. Despite Williamsburg not being a sight for sore eyes, it is definitely a desired place to live given it's proximity to Manhattan, and it's laundry list of great bars, restaurants and shops. Plus it's really cool. Hah! But really, it's where a lot of the cool kids live and hang and all that jazz - see I'm cool too! Notttttttt. Despite not necessarily fitting in with the cool kid crowd, I love that I get to work in this neighborhood. It gives me access to all these incredible gems without living in the heart of it all. So here is my list. It's a long one, but if you find yourself in the area try to hit up at least a few of these spots. Ready, set, go..

1. The West. Coffee. Really great coffee. Oh, and there's room in this coffee shop, and outlets. So fancy. 

2. Blind Barber. Coffee, cocktails, bacon and tomato grilled cheese, and haircuts. 

3. Campbell Cheese & Grocery. Sandwiches, groceries, small gifts, and the BEST peanut butter cups you've ever had. Ever. 

4. Norman's Kill. It's a whiskey and grilled cheese bar. Need I say more? 

5. Williamsburg Pizza. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Do it!

6. Mama Pho. I'm a big fan of their classic bahn mi sandwich. It's also $5.50, and no, don't make the same mistake I did my first time and order two items cause they're obviously small at that price. Nope, they're normal adult sized and affordably priced. What a concept! ;) 

7. Gimme Coffee. You probably need another coffee to wash down all these sandwich spots of recommended, correct?

8. Raggedy Threads! I've got a full post on my lovely place of work coming at you, but you don't want to miss this spot so add it to your list. 

9. Pies and Thighs. Best breakfast in NY. 

10. Larry Lawrence. One of my favorite bars. 

Photography by Amy Frances